Monday, May 10, 2010

"Mom - is this still good? It tastes funny...."

Have you ever wondered about the shelf life of a certain food? A big thanks to Brother Scott Lewis for the info on a great resource., your ultimate shelf life guide

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Straw Bale Gardening

Sister Wylene O'Barr shared a wonderful article with me today regarding straw-bale gardening. This is a great idea for those looking to start a garden, those with limited space (or resources...) and as a bonus, at the end of the season you can use the straw bales as mulch!

Check out these great resources for more info... Straw Bale Gardening or Introduction to Straw Bale Gardening or How to Grow a Straw Bale Garden

Thank you Sister O'Barr for generously sharing your gardening plan for the year!

Does anyone else have grand garden plans? Please share!

Monday, March 29, 2010


We got stuck (in a hotel, thankfully!) due to a blizzard while driving home from our Spring Break trip. This got me thinking about how unprepared we were. D&C 38:30 counsels ..."if ye are prepared ye shall not fear."

Here are some great ideas to help you survive emergencies which may arise on the road.

  • Bring tools and know how to use them. Jumper cables, a tire iron, a wrench, a jerk chain, a waterproof rope etc...

  • Store blankets and weather appropriate gear in your vehicle

  • Bring along a good first aid kit

  • Pack several flashlights and extra batteries

  • Stock a 72 hour kit for your car. Include food, water and other essentials (A good list of items for your 72 hour kit can be found at this link)

  • Bring an inverter for electrical items

  • Bring a candle and waterproof matches. Can be used for heat and light

  • Don't forget toilet paper and a container for disposal of emergency wastes

  • Your good planning may be a blessing to others along your way!

    What do you bring when you travel?

    Sunday, March 14, 2010

    Ideas to help you economize

    Here are a few ideas to help you economize during these trying economic times:

  • Lower the thermostat in your home

  • Utilize the $1.99 dry cleaner

  • Look for ways to cut your cell phone bill

  • Look for ways to cut your cable/satellite bill

  • Take your lunch to work

  • Eat out less

  • Air dry your clothes after washing

  • Turn off lights

  • Close vents in rooms you are not using

  • Replace burnt out light bulbs with compact fluorescents

  • Use the resources at the library

  • Go longer between hair cuts/colors (or do it yourself!)

  • Shop at thrift stores

  • Keep your home organized. You'll have less waste!

  • Drive the speed limit

  • Keep your car well maintained

  • Go the museums and the zoo on free days

  • Clean your car yourself

  • Review your insurance coverage to cut deductibles (if prudent) and remove collision coverage on older vehicles

  • Turn off Air Conditioning in the summer

  • Make gifts instead of buying them

  • Buy gifts and holiday decorations at after-holiday sales. Store them until next year

  • Keep track of where your money is spent. You may be surprised!

  • Make your own wrapping paper or purchase gift wrapping items at the dollar store

  • Wash and resuse ziplock bags

  • Avoid debt

  • Subscribe to to receive emails about giveaways in your area.

  • Utilize craigslist for discounts on items you are looking to buy, but make sure to do your homework!

  • Here's a few ideas for cutting your grocery bill:

  • Eat less meat

  • Use a list and buy only what you need

  • Shop the weekly grocery sales

  • Use coupons, when appropriate

  • Find the grocery discounters in your area (Dacono Market in Colorado, Market Square in Salt Lake City)

  • Cut out soda. Drink water instead

  • Double or triple recipes. Freeze the leftovers

  • Grow a garden

  • Use your oven to cook several items simultaneously - main dish, dessert, bread and veggies can all cook in the same hot oven

  • Don't let food go to waste. Check dates on canned foods and meat. Freeze bread and use veggies and fruit before they go bad

  • These and many other ideas can be found at: Getting Through Tough Times or 45 Easy Ways to Economize At Home Every Day

    How do you save money? Please share your tips and tricks!