Monday, March 29, 2010


We got stuck (in a hotel, thankfully!) due to a blizzard while driving home from our Spring Break trip. This got me thinking about how unprepared we were. D&C 38:30 counsels ..."if ye are prepared ye shall not fear."

Here are some great ideas to help you survive emergencies which may arise on the road.

  • Bring tools and know how to use them. Jumper cables, a tire iron, a wrench, a jerk chain, a waterproof rope etc...

  • Store blankets and weather appropriate gear in your vehicle

  • Bring along a good first aid kit

  • Pack several flashlights and extra batteries

  • Stock a 72 hour kit for your car. Include food, water and other essentials (A good list of items for your 72 hour kit can be found at this link)

  • Bring an inverter for electrical items

  • Bring a candle and waterproof matches. Can be used for heat and light

  • Don't forget toilet paper and a container for disposal of emergency wastes

  • Your good planning may be a blessing to others along your way!

    What do you bring when you travel?

    Sunday, March 14, 2010

    Ideas to help you economize

    Here are a few ideas to help you economize during these trying economic times:

  • Lower the thermostat in your home

  • Utilize the $1.99 dry cleaner

  • Look for ways to cut your cell phone bill

  • Look for ways to cut your cable/satellite bill

  • Take your lunch to work

  • Eat out less

  • Air dry your clothes after washing

  • Turn off lights

  • Close vents in rooms you are not using

  • Replace burnt out light bulbs with compact fluorescents

  • Use the resources at the library

  • Go longer between hair cuts/colors (or do it yourself!)

  • Shop at thrift stores

  • Keep your home organized. You'll have less waste!

  • Drive the speed limit

  • Keep your car well maintained

  • Go the museums and the zoo on free days

  • Clean your car yourself

  • Review your insurance coverage to cut deductibles (if prudent) and remove collision coverage on older vehicles

  • Turn off Air Conditioning in the summer

  • Make gifts instead of buying them

  • Buy gifts and holiday decorations at after-holiday sales. Store them until next year

  • Keep track of where your money is spent. You may be surprised!

  • Make your own wrapping paper or purchase gift wrapping items at the dollar store

  • Wash and resuse ziplock bags

  • Avoid debt

  • Subscribe to to receive emails about giveaways in your area.

  • Utilize craigslist for discounts on items you are looking to buy, but make sure to do your homework!

  • Here's a few ideas for cutting your grocery bill:

  • Eat less meat

  • Use a list and buy only what you need

  • Shop the weekly grocery sales

  • Use coupons, when appropriate

  • Find the grocery discounters in your area (Dacono Market in Colorado, Market Square in Salt Lake City)

  • Cut out soda. Drink water instead

  • Double or triple recipes. Freeze the leftovers

  • Grow a garden

  • Use your oven to cook several items simultaneously - main dish, dessert, bread and veggies can all cook in the same hot oven

  • Don't let food go to waste. Check dates on canned foods and meat. Freeze bread and use veggies and fruit before they go bad

  • These and many other ideas can be found at: Getting Through Tough Times or 45 Easy Ways to Economize At Home Every Day

    How do you save money? Please share your tips and tricks!